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Had a great Saturday evening attending both the 2918 Santa Claus Parade and the BAPS Diwali celebration with @reghelwer , @LarryMaguireMP and Mayor @RickChrest

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Thank you to the Fung Loy Kwok Taoist Tai Chi for the invitation to join your Open House. I was pleased to join my colleague @reghelwer and @RickChrest in experiencing 2 of the 108 moves. #PracticeRequired

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@MyrnaBDriedger If you change your mind, I can be your Icelandic Tour Guide.

@proline37 I must ask, what ever prompted you to drink a dark hot substance from an unmarked container ? #Fearfactor #StrangerThings3

Thank you @Min_Mayer for joining us for breakfast this morning. twitter.com/jsiss3/status/…

I’ll see you there .. or here as the case may be. twitter.com/2019CanadaGame…

All my life I have been telling people that I was born in Treherne. According to the NDP, it is pronounced Treehorn. #WhoKnew #SorryMom

Fall Supper #1 is in the books and I can honestly say that the turkey is not only one stuffed! #BEast

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