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MLA for Brandon East
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Thank you to @FenskePeg, @CNRailway and your staff for the great tour of your training centre this morning. As I mentioned, now I know what I missed back in 1979.

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Congratulations to my good friend and colleague, MLA Rick Wowchuk. twitter.com/pccaucus/statu…

@tombrodbeck Correction, on April 19, 2016, the voters said it was.

I find it interesting how people who don't agree with you are the one spreading garbage. I am proud that our promise was to repeal the illegal PST hike in our first mandate . Guess what? We have 2 years to go. #Fact #BetterMB twitter.com/corythewelder/…

The truth.. something the NDP knows nothing about. Just ask anyone about the PST promise. Oh wait, that was fake. twitter.com/cadria04/statu…

Congratulations Cougars!! twitter.com/markfrison/sta…

@BdnEastNDP @Min_Squires @tombrodbeck Education is available on both topics and I encourage everyone to review them. The PC government promised to reduce the PST by 1% in our first term and we will. As for the Carbon Levy, we are returning it to Manitobans which is much better than the Feds plan to keep it themself

@BdnEastNDP @Min_Squires Drew, if your going to post on Twitter, I would ask that you post facts. You mention the PST but that was your fault... and one of the largest tax increases in history. As for Carbon, place it on the Feds where it belongs. #nicetrythough #Manitobansknowthetruth

Thank you to Grand Chief Jerry Daniels and Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest for the brief discussion today. Looking forward to working with you both as we continue to build on opportunities for all Manitobans. #mbpoli #BEast

It was great to join @Min_CliffCullen and Brandon West MLA @reghelwer at the 135th Brandon Chamber Awards. Congratulations to all winners, you make Brandon that much better. #bdnmb #mbpoli #BEast

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