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The force was strong for the @bdnwheatkings tonight as they won 7 - 4 over the Kelowna Rockets. @MartinforMorris would have been proud!

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@leahhextall That's too bad But our @bdnwheatkings made it 8 in a row with a 7 - 4 win over the Kelowna Rockets!!!!!!

I echo the appreciation to this great group of students who volunteered their time to help raise funds for the Christmas Cheer twitter.com/reghelwer/stat…

Today in Question Period, the @ndpcaucus claimed that they care about public safety but voted against public safety by opposing The Cannabis Harm Prevention Act. #ConfusedEvenMore #Somethingaboutapikerelandadock #mbpoli @PCcaucus

This morning the @ndpcaucus once again used their time to delay the passing of a Bill 212 that was introduced by my colleague @AlanLagimodiere . Their 17 year history "against" the environment continues. #Shame #mbpoli

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I am absolutely thrilled to witness another Provincial Championship go to my alma maters, the Neelin Spartans. Congratulations to the AAA MHSAA Girls Volleyball Champions. #BEast #bdnmb #VolleyballRules

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Congratulations to the 2017 MHSAA AAA Volleyball Champions, the Neelin Spartans #BEast #Bdnmb #SpartanForEver

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I hope not but if I did, the rose goes to my wife. 🙃 twitter.com/markfrison/sta…

Thank you for the visit and the rose Sir Studlee, President @kcleaver and @j_Montgomery78. I will see you at the @ProvincialEx President's Dinner on February 15, 2018 #mbpoli twitter.com/provincialex/s…

@BSmithMB By raising the PST? By increasing the deficit? By increasing the debt? I'm sure your constituent's grandkids appreciate the bill.

Tonight I had the privilege of representing Premier @Brian_Pallister at the @ACCMB Holiday Buffet. Thank you @markfrison and staff for the great hospitality and the students for the amazing buffet. #Stuffed #mbpoli

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