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MLA for Brandon East
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I am happy to hear that he has been found. twitter.com/martinformorri…

Thanks to all for supporting this valuable piece of legislation. Looking forward to include public input at committee as we move forward. twitter.com/theorderpaperm…

Thanks Scott Billing & @730CKDM for helping me promote Bill 214, The Missing Persons Amendment Act - Silver Alert #mbpoli #BetterMB

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@marjoriedowhos It was my pleasure and I thank you for having me on in order to discuss this very important Bill.

I am disappointed the opossition decided to run out the clock on this debate and block the opportuity to go to a vote. #KeepGoingForward twitter.com/PCcaucus/statu…

Busy day as we joined the Mauritius Ambassador Sooroojdev Phokeer, MCAB and Mayor Chrest in celebrating Maurituis Independence Day. #mbpoli

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For those who have contacted me about my interview with Larry Fedoruk in St. Catherine's, Ont #Bill214 @PCcaucus twitter.com/larryfedoruk/s…

Thank you to @610CKTB & @LarryFedoruk for having me on your show today 2 discuss Bill 214, my PMB Silver Alert #mbpoli #Caring #BetterMB

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