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MLA for Brandon East
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The @ndpcaucus stands in the house today and says that the resolution “Celebrating National Indigenous (People’s) Day” is counter intuitive and openly admit that they would rather have a holiday instead. #mbpoli

It’s unfortunate that the @ndpcaucus doesn’t see the importance of a Private Members’ Resolution and the hard work of private members. “Celebrating Indigenous Day” is an important step in closing the gap through reconciliation. #mbpoli @Colleen_Mayer

It was a pleasure to attend the 2018 Night of Inclusion Awards Gala to honour the work and dedication of many involved in @Inclusionwestmb . #mbpoli #bdnmb #BEast

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Always enjoy a good Parade with colleagues and the thousands of residents lining the streets. twitter.com/jsiss3/status/…

When asked, the NDP refused to work on "other important undertakings" but instead, would rather only work until 4:00pm. #shame #mobility

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